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🔮 Have you ever had a negative thought that came to you as soon as you thought of something that you wanted and desired?

🔮 If you ever have, then guess what? You just killed that dream at that very moment. OH NO!! Really? Yes you did, and the more negative thoughts you allowed in your space and energy field, you kept murdering your dreams over and over, killing and suffocating them at their infancy.

🔮 OK fine, my description might sound somewhat melodramatic and like I have watched too many thrillers BUT this is actually true. Meaning you can put a lot of efforts into doing some spiritual work, visualising, journaling, meditating and taking massive action. BUT as soon as you let self doubt, pessimistic talk run wildly free in your head, game over. You have to start all over again!

🔮 And that applies to everything you can think of: a career progression, a career promotion that you would like to have but keeps being given away to others under your nose, the contract with the client that all of a sudden gets snatched up by your worst competitor, the love relationship that fizzles out for no “apparent” reason, the bank account that goes from being very full to barely positive, the group of friends that goes from supportive and loving to barely anyone around and feeling misunderstood and totally lonely.

💫 Why did all of this collapse? Your thoughts and the negative energy you cultivated by putting yourself down like no other can. Spitting on your dreams and self worth like no other did. Instead of purely honouring and nurturing them and yourself in the process.

💫 For years, I have done that without knowing I was. This was a pattern I didn’t know I had. Very self damaging and the worst possible poison against making your dreams a reality. Felt like a toxic lover that I couldn’t let go of. Until I did….

💫 It was only when I started my healing journey that it became clear to me that I was responsible for many unwanted events that occurred in my life. The popular say “ You Are Your Own Worst Enemy” is no joke and real.

💖 How To Move Forward then? 💖

💖 Let go of the addiction to pain: you might have got accustomed to the rejection, the pain, the suffering and it might have become home and almost comforting. If you want your happily ever after, let that go. For good.

💖 Cut cords with everything that you makes you feel stuck and that you got from your environment. Well I am not telling you to stop talking to your family and childhood friends. But remove all the negative energetical imprint you got infused from which is preventing you from creating and manifesting what you desire

💖 Infuse yourself with the energy of your desired outcome instead of freaking out that you might not get what you want. As it is about being an energetical match for what it is your desire instead creating drama scenario in your head, scaring yourself and spiralling down.

It is important to do all the above. Decide and do it now! And get the help and guidance of a trained healer if you want fast and real tangible results.

💫💖 This is why I offer 20min sessions of healing if you want to let go of all the gunk, garbage that is holding you back in your energy. You can book it here http://bit.ly/2F3JD0L

Or you can go immediately to the next level and apply for my 1:1 6 week transformational programme if you are ready to receive what you’ve always wanted but haven’t managed to get yet. More info here http://bit.ly/2K6YIme 💫💖


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