So I had a very powerful workshop last night and so many amazing shifts happened for all the participants that once more it showed me how much I love what I do.

I took me years to get to that point of blissfulness when it comes to what I do for a living… but I digress .. that topic for another time đź™‚

So when I started the session, I felt some heavy energy in the room and I even picked up depression.

I did a healing on it and straight away I felt the energy in the room lighting up.

And this is when it became even more interesting.

It is is when I did the 15min individual healing session on each participant that things got real and a lot of that collective depression got tackled with one step or rather one member at a time lol.

You see, depression in my view is about repressed, undealt with and unhealed emotions.

How many times have you personally brushed your own emotions under the carpet?

How many times have you dismissed our own sadness and pain and distract yourself from it through various means (drinking, smoking, emotional spending, find solace in sleep and wishing things were different)?

Let me tell you this.

It is only when you are ready to face these ugly truths about yourself and be willing to do the healing work on a deeper level that you will break free not only from the situation you feel yourself stuck in but also from this emotional torture chamber you have created for yourself without knowing you did.

Last night, I witnessed a lot of release, happiness, some sadness as well whilst the heaviness was leaving the room and the healing was taking place.

It was beautiful, emotional, transcending… in other words, magical.

Are you ready to face your truth and bringing magic into your life?

PiC: me expressing that life doesn’t have to be so serious 🙂 somewhere in the Indian Ocean lol

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