You often hear in the self development industry and spiritual realm that self love is the key to abundance. But do you know what that really means?

What does it mean to really love yourself? And I mean really, not faking it. It took me years to get it and by getting it, I mean understand it intellectually but also feeling it in my soul and in my body.

Let’s start with the basics and on the correlation with abundance and the ability to receive

Well Joe Vitale explains it very well when he says:

“If you don’t love yourself, you will never believe that you deserve anything of value in your life. You will walk around with the idea that good things come to others – but they are not meant for you.

Now you may even consciously force yourself to say “I do love myself. Look at what a nice person I am and look at all these nice things I’m doing.

But if you’re not seeing positive results, they are being blocked by a limiting belief deep within you.

The outer always reflect the inner. When you experience lack of achievement or when you get close to a goal only to choke at the last minute, you are struggling with beliefs that need to be addressed.”

Well the person who chokes at the last minute. That was me. Loads of intense work and effort and limited to zero results, which left me very disheartened and discouraged. A repetitive pattern that felt stuck to my skin, to my energy.

Well until I did the work. The HEALING WORK that is. I dug deep and deep and left no stone unturned. Energy work was my magic wand and fairy dust. Pfew that was intense but soooooo freeing, healing and soothing too.

During this work, I realised that my relationship with myself was terrible. On a scale from 1 to 10, probably at -20. LOL No kidding though. It was pretty bad and the worst part. I didn’t even know it was that bad as I didn’t know any different. It had become the norm.

So the day I decided to heal myself was the day I saved myself. When I started to feel differently towards myself. The day I decided to stop putting myself down but be more understanding towards my own mistakes, more gentle with myself and willing to be more trusting in my capabilities.

So If you want to experience that big breakthrough, if you want to receive what you desire, if you want to experience that self love, DO THE WORK!

Here are some guidelines for you:

1. On a scale from 1 to 10 when it comes to how you value yourself and how comfortable you are with who you are, what you’ve done, what you haven’t done, where are you?

2. What stands between where you are now and being a 10/10? Write it down, feel these emotions and release them by journalling them, forgive yourself and others involved and imagine these emotions leaving your body. Notice how you are feeling, notice the shift.

3. Do it again until you have emptied all these heavy emotions

4. Check how is your relationship with yourself and tell me how you feel.

Guess what? You are now on your path to self love 


You’re welcome 😉😘

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