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Romantic Love sometimes seems to elude some of us. Why is it so hard for some whilst it seems like sailing for some others?

Are some of us more demanding than others when it comes to our standards, our expectations in our love life?

Are we meant to settle at the end of the day or will our quest for love lead us to eternal loneliness with just a dream to hold on to?

There are happy and fulfilled relationships though. And when you look around, there are some of us who have managed to create that blissful experience for themselves.

How do you see it?

Just by how the look in each other’s eye when they communicate, the way they touch each other, the little moments that become magical in an instant.

That love, power and strength that emanates from them when they are together.
Can we all have it though? Is it only reserved for a selected few? Is there a selected club with a high entry price?

I deeply believe it is our capacity to love that determines our romantic lives.

From the case where two people meet, like each other and decide they are happy to pursue their path together and have a good life. And these two people are happy. Content. And I believe we can safely say that they have a happy love life.

How about the case when two people meet and there is some sort of alchemy that happens between the two of them, an unexplainable bond that reveals itself, a soul and heart connection that is so deep that there is an inner knowing at that point that their destiny together is sealed.

In both cases, each couple is happy. And on the scale of ecstasy and bliss, they differ but they are happy with what they have.

Is one better than the other?

I believe this is a question of choice, soul desires, depth, consciousness and frequencies. And also being willing to be committed to it no matter what.

Some people tend to want a peak experience in life and a depth in their experiences that matches their own inner capacity to live it. It’s a combination of their nature and a series of decisions they have made in their lives that depict a certain direction around the happiness they want to experience.

And it is up to you to decide what standards you are holding for yourself and be at peace with it.

One way or another.

There is more than one way to experience romantic love. And it is a conscious decision to decide the nature of love you want to have in your life no matter what it takes.

Happy Manifesting!

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