“I just wanted to thank you Sabrina, actually I don’t know how to express, like unbelievable, unknown person from the different continent, no relation, never met can heal soo much is like, I still can’t believe.

It was not even 24 hrs Sabrina, you just healed my relationship with my best friend from 15 years I was losing one by one, but never realised that it’s not their mistake, my own energy messing with the relations, but when my relation with (…) was almost completely broken.

Thanks a lot Sabrina.

Sabrina, my biggest fear which was holding me back from past 10 years, has just released, Yess..

I don’t know how many times to virtually hug and thank you, it’s not that I didn’t try, I went to the great spiritual masters, but I was not able to, but you did it, thank you soooooo much, don’t know whether to cry, laugh or celebrate, I just want to thank you thank you

Sabrina Never change yourself Sabrina, I know you’ll become very famous because of this greatest healing power, be pure always, we need you Sabrina, the whole world needs you, actually I feel this is the most important, essential thing like food, water and air..

I know I shouldn’t give suggestions and all but my one and only humble request Sabrina, thank you soo much”

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