Quantum Transformation Day

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be totally immersed in a sea of high vibrations, like opening the door to a secret land so that you then merge into a totally upgraded and expanded version of yourself after having been through a mere quantum transformation? And all of that, in ONE SINGLE DAY?!?

Well, if you answer is YES, I have created exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

One day of full immersion JUST YOU AND ME!

What’s going to happen during that day?

Well I am going to dive deep into your soul and your energy and heal every part of you that has been neglected, suppressed, repressed and unhealed for years.

Rest assured I won’t let any stone unturned. And I mean ANY! Those who have worked with me can vouch for it. This is who I am, how I operate, this is part of my DNA if you like.

Many clients have told me during sessions that they can’t hide anything from me because I see EVERYTHING! Well it’s true. Even what they have been hiding from themselves and would rather run away from šŸ˜› No kidding.

Should you be worried? Well only if you prefer to stay stuck and are afraid of your own greatness. However if you are yearning for exponential growth, have been feeling like something is missing and despite trying your best over and over again, well you keep hitting that shitty wall. And you have enough. You want it now, in fact you want it yesterday.

Well guess what?

You don’t need to wonder, pray and hope any more. It is now within reach. Like RIGHT NOW! Your wish has just been fulfilled.

I will intuitively see and heal every hidden part of your psyche, your heart’s desires and disappointments, fears and ugly truths. And together, we are going to address it and I am going to give the best healing experience you’ve ever dreamed of, EVER.

I will be all over you, well energetically that is šŸ˜‰ Your life after spending a whole day with me will NEVER BE THE SAME. And this is a fact.

If someone ever told you that magic is for children and you’d better grow up and conform, settle and fit in. Well you’ve been misled and lied to. Magic is real and you can live and experience it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Just by spending time with me, people have experienced an energy shift overnight which translated into behavioural changes, new paradigms in their thinking process and exponential growth in their lives.

Can you imagine what it would be like when I then proactively work on you AND spend time with you?

It will be beyond your wildest imagination and your soul will thank you for it. Trust me! I say it one more time: your life will never be the same EVER.

***** DETAILS *****

šŸ”® 8 hours of in-depth healing and coaching by block of 2 hours and/or 3 hours

šŸ”® Where: Online and Recordings will be provided

šŸ”® Whole day of quantum transformation work through coaching and energy healing purely intuition led

šŸ”® Support over one week following the event with unlimited access to Sabrina from Monday to Friday through messenger for questions and instant remote healing

šŸ”® Available Dates: upon request

Let’s Bring Magic Into Your Life and Quantum Leap You Into The Magical Version Of Yourself

Also available for couples or group. DM for enquiries

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