Quantum Transformation Week In Person Or Online

This option is ONLY for those who have already been through one or several Quantum Transformation Programmes AND taken most of my courses

That means you have already spent time with me Sabrina not only on one to one or through her high frequency energy-based and you have experienced my in-depth and intense healing sessions.

Why am I being so selective?


I work with very high frequencies.

That means the healing you are receiving is very intense and in-depth.

In order to go through a Quantum Transformation Week, you need to have an existing ability to integrate the energy healing that is paramount to a fast paced and super quantum life upgrade. By having worked on a one to one to basis and through the courses, your energy has already been worked on and elevated. And you are very keen to close the healing circle once and for all.

This will allow you to process and integrate and this very very fast pace upgrade where your body, mind and soul will be able to cope with this level of intensity.

This is why this full on Quantum Transformation Week One to One is not for everybody. And you need to be ready to go through a very fast paced upgrade in a very short period of time.

What’s going to happen during that day?

As expected I am going to dive deep into your soul and your energy and heal every part of you that has been neglected, suppressed, repressed and unhealed for years OVER A WHOLE WEEK AKA 5 DAYS.

I recommend to plan a week off after the Quantum Transformation Week to recover

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🔮 This is for you if you are ready for the final push that will close the healing circle as you are want to be able to fly totally free, unencumbered from heaviness and heaviness that mostly were never yours to start with.

Let’s Bring Magic Into Your Life and Quantum Leap You Into The Magical Version Of Yourself

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