Each session is a 2 hour workshop so overall 6 hours of healing and guidance on how to shift your life in the most effective ways in order to manifest what you desire.

If you want to upgrade you life and have tried various ways and feel stuck, or if you don’t know what is your next step, this workshop is for you.

What we will do:
Meditation to feel connected and be in receiving mode
🔮 Breakdown of manifestation and why focusing on what you want is key but not enough
🔮 Group healing to remove from energy field what is holding you back
🔮 15mn focused healing for each participant
🔮 Q&A

Who is this for? Well, this is for you if
✨ You’ve done some inner work already and have made some progress but feel somewhat stuck
✨ You know you can tap into a higher level of energy which will allow you to create more of what you want. Whether it is more money, a better career, more love, better health, overall a sense of improved well being and JOY in your life
✨ You are ready for that next step, that ultimate upgrade to that new you

💖 In case you know you are totally ready to go full on and experience a very empowering and powerful quantum shift, then I highly recommend to get immediate access to the Quantum Transformation Course in lieu of the workshops. Click here to find out all the details. Besides the course has the Quantum Transformation workshops as bonuses so you will not miss out on these very high vibes 6 hours of pure healing and spiritual guidance. And you will be on your way to the NEW transformed and upgraded you!

Either way, I am very excited to have you onboard and to be working with you!

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