If you have been in a place where all your efforts are totally fruitless no matter how hard you have tried before, despite all the inner work you have done savagely for years and years, and even hired professionals to help you out and results still don’t show up and you are in pain whether it is emotional or physical, then there is a high probability that there is something sneaky lurking in a dark corner draining you and that you might not know is there.

Psychic attacks are a thing and curses and negative intentions can sneak up on you particularly if you are oblivious to the fact that this stuff is real and can actually screw up your vibes.

Yes there could be a case self sabotage

Have you worked on it? YES

Have you seen progress? Hmmm somewhat but not really

Again it’s not all black and white.

There is subtlety to darkness that only someone with expertise will figure out.

If you feel off most of the times, and you have to constantly fight to keep a constant state of balance in your life whether it is in love, health or money, then there might be something deeper going on underneath the surface.

Toughen up and keep reframing works to a point.

If you feel sometimes like a skunk to success, happy relationships, and overflowing money, then I invite you to explore deeper with me and let me help you heal these various shades of darkness crippling you without you even knowing.

This is why I created 50 SHADES, an outstanding course that is going to take your healing to a whole new level and allow you to finally the flow and overflowing abundance you’ve been striving for for so long.

You have a chance to change it now

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