This programme is the self study version of the Quantum Transformation Experience. This is giving you access to all the material required to go to the depths of your being and heal yourself deeply.

The preliminary work is a powerful RESET of your energy in a one intensive week. This is  It was created to start the year and can be applied at any time as it is about letting go what’s holding you back and that no longer serves you and embrace a new heightened state and start afresh.
After establishing what you would like to manifest, Sabrina will start her work by diving into your soul, and will explore and do a deep cleansing and healing of all the parts of you that have been repressed, suppressed, wounded, violated in your soul from childhood and beyond (karma, past lives, negativity from others that you carry without knowing) that affected your sense of self and is now affecting your adult life whether it is in your career and business or your love life.
By the end of this phase, you will start feeling the heaviness gone and the sense of pressure being transmuted into higher and more supportive energies. You will start seeing some major shifts in your life already

Below are the study material to study to go through Phase 1

During these months, we will zoom in the areas of your life that you would like to alter and discover and undo all the patterns of your life that have kept you in a loop for years and that you haven’t managed to break despite all your efforts, various training, classes or so-called “gurus” you have followed. You will finally be able to make the progress you wanted and get non only a sense of relief but also substantial progress in your life.
By the end of this phase, we will have undone all the debilitating patterns that kept you in a loop in the past. You will be seeing new doors opening for you and new opportunities will start opening up for you.

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