This is the sentence I heard this morning when I woke up from my intuition.

As an intuitive I am often spoken directly to when I need to take a turn in my life or take the next upgrade.

Emotions have been something I have battled with for as far as I can remember.

Lately I have been doing an intense period of deep heart healing on myself.

This has been a wild ride as I have had a history of dissociating and disconnecting from my heart as a default M.O. not to feel my emotions as the pain I was trying to escape from was so immense.

So I am walking my talk and embracing this new healing phase.

It is rough.

However healing is not always gentle and cuddly.

It takes courage, consistency and dedication.

Like for anything in life that you want to build and have.

Sometimes it feels like a never ending journey. You might wonder of the when this will finally happen.

The truth is that it all depends.

Of the wound you have to heal, of how deep it is, how aware you have been of what needed to be addressed and how proactive you have been about it.

No matter what happened to you, and what were the circumstances, it is still your responsibility to learn to swim with your emotions and learn how to deal with them.

Ignoring them will not do it.

Stuffing them down will not solve it.

Wanting to control them is not the solution either.

So what is the solution you might wonder?

I did mention just above about learning to swim with your emotions.

What does it mean?

It means started being present with your emotions and feel them deeply even though it may be very painful and uncomfortable at first.

This is unavoidable if you want true sustainable healing.

Happy Manifesting!

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