My emotional challenge before the session was that I felt like things don’t work out for me and that clearings just did not work.
I have been doing clearings for a while now, event with other coaches, but never really felt things clearing and lifting and shifting like today.
This morning that changed with a session I had with Sabrina.
Wowza! She is so talented.
She was able to hone in to my pain point right away. When we started clearing, I FINALLY felt things shift.
Oh My GOD did I ever feel it shift!!!
I am getting emotional here as I write this. This was such an amazing session..
I actually can feel an expansion happening. I am so grateful and thankful I met this wonderful lady.
I feel like things won’t be so hard now, and I can’t say that I felt that before the session. A big heavy rock just fell off me, so I am feeling lighter and brighter.
I would SO recommend working with Sabrina, if you want to get rid of gunk you’ve been holding on to.
She is gentle, and wonderful to work with. “
Don’t wait to experience an upgrade in your life. You can do it now!
Go to and pick the package that suits you the most

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