“Hi Sabrina,
Just wanted to give you some feedback on the 6 week Quantum Transformation Course I just completed with you. Firstly Thank you, thank you, thank you!
As a result of the course my life has been catapulted into the next phase of my growth and kickstarted my journey from a place of feeling stagnant and no matter what I did I seemed to be circulating predominantly in low energy vibrations.
During the course I went on highs and sunk to lows little realising that the lows were the next layer surfacing ready to be healed.
Sabrina reminded me in no uncertain terms of the tool bag I have laden with all the necessary tools to help me on my path.
So I found I needed to go back to module 1 of the course healing that layer uncovering the next and so it has gone. Each time I discover a new part of myself and the load gets lighter.
It doesn’t end there since also, during the course Sabrina performed past life healing, karmic healing and childhood trauma healing.
All of this has left me in the best possible place. I feel much more positive.
I now recognise when something comes up to be healed.
Instead of feeling stuck as I used to I now get excited that this is the next layer to be healed and I search my tool bag to help me.
To upgrade me even further I have booked a whole day with Sabrina.
I cannot wait to be taken to new heights!
If you’re serious about doing the work then I would highly recommend any of the offerings from Sabrina because however much time you spend with her you will find that you will shift in areas you would not have imagined clearing space in your life for those things you would like to manifest.
I was not looking for love but somehow that is now a possibility. My heart has opened up 😍. Thank you Sabrina, looking forward to our day together.”
You can do it too. Do not wait and take the Quantum leap 😉
Quantum Transformation Course: https://themagnificentabundancemanifestor.com/quantum-transformation/
Quantum Transformation Day: https://themagnificentabundancemanifestor.com/quantum-transformation-day/

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