The Broken Bone

A lot of what you haven’t been able to have in your life is related to a part of you that is not allowing it to happen.

On an energetic level that very part of you is acting up and repulsing what you are desperately trying to attract at the same time. I call it “the broken bone”.

The broken bone symbolises the part of you that is in deep suffering and is in so much pain you haven’t been able to face it. And is in effect broken.

Energetically that is.

And no tools nor techniques will actually truly help you.

You might learn to shift your focus to the more positive part of your life (gratitude exercise)

You might start focusing all your energy on what you want to attract (hello vision board)

And when the pain kicks in, it feels like a never end cycle of hell

You might start even wonder if this is what you need to embrace as a part of your identity forever

I am here to tell you no

You can put an end to it and operate on a very different frequency

And the secret is through spiritual healing

Spiritual healing goes above and beyond what any technique or tool can do

It will withdraw negativity from your field, elevate you energetically and get you to all different experience of life.

Once you heal what is broken, you will finally operate at the level you always knew you were made for but somehow never managed to reach

If you want to reach a new level in your life but never managed to despite all your tangible efforts and optimistic approach of life, you are ready for a quantum transformation

Go to https://themagnificentabundancemanifestor.com/quantum/ to get started

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