Truth is pure

The energy of truth is light

We often refer to truth as our saviour

Truth saves us from lies, from the darkness, from heaviness

And yet

Truth can hurt

Truth can be brutal

And a lot of us struggle to face truth and even when we do the hard part is to to recover from it and move forward with a shift in our reality truly is

This is what happened to my clients when they work with me

I work with high frequencies of energies that is energies that carry a certain degree of light and brightness that will pierce through lies and make you feel naked, vulnerable and exposed.

And whilst this is not the purpose of the game, as the final goal is to free you and get you to your dream life no matter the area of your life, the path to get there will cause a lot of turbulence in your body and in your soul as as a very deep energetic cleansing and rewiring is happening deep within.

The more I healed, the stronger my healing abilities have grown.

And I will get straight to the core of what is preventing you from moving forward.

And I use truth and its energy can be very disturbing.

Truth is an energy that will shatter your illusions, salvage the house of cards you so cherished and destroy the place of refuge you created for yourself to survive a reality that was too much to endure.

What does this mean?

It means your eyes will open to what your fear of loss refused to see before

For example:

You will realise the person or people you loved so much and admire so badly are the very one who actually stabbed you in the heart and hurt you the most even whilst telling you this is for your own good

You will start to see that the path you believed was the golden path was not the yellow brick road you blindly followed but actually a template that was imposed on you at an age you couldn’t even differentiate your own desires from others

You will realise you accepted the inacceptable because you were trading your self worth, your soul, your heart for an ounce of acceptance, recognition and may be what you truly believed to be love back then

You might even find out that your soul and emotions have been raped and pillaged over and over again with no sense of consideration towards your well being let alone your feelings by those who damaged your personal space

These truths will hurt

You will go through a period of intense turbulence

The pain of the trauma will be stirred to their deepest level

The wounds will be identified

And it will be raw, vivid, rough

But know that at that very moment, you just crossed the Rubicon.

At that very point in time, this is exactly when your destiny is being changed for the best

And the path to healing and recovery is set for you

After that, I will inject in you some very deep healing energy that will close the deepest cuts in the flesh of your soul

As this is where my gift lies

A very deep soul healing that goes deeper than what you have ever experienced before

Your life will alter from that point onwards and it will feel surreal and yet magical at the same time

SOULHEAL is opened

A 4 week deep soul transformation Minimind where we will dive very deep into your soul and lead you to a very profound transformation to free you and create the life you have been yearning for

Intro offer expires on July 31st 2022.

Caveat: this is not for the fainthearted

DM me if you want to join and want more info. (link in the comment below)

You can enroll here and DM me if you have any question

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