The last year has been challenging for many.

For some, they experienced what is commonly called “dark night of the soul” in the personal development jargon as a lot of rules had been imposed on how to socialise and just live, and they started to feel overwhelmed by fear of the worst.

For others, it was “just” another hurdle to overcome, another crisis. And they adjusted their lifestyles accordingly. No biggie. And continued to move forward with their lives. And often time with a big smile on their face, making the most of whatever they had at that very moment in life.

So what’s the difference?

Why will some collapse and break down and some will already see the light and break through ?

Why do you think?

Is it innate mental strength?

Is it constitution?

Let me give you the answer

I believe it is a combination of both RESILIENCE and OUTLOOK.


What do I mean by that?

Well let me give you an example.

A few years ago, I hired an assistant Steven to help me with a project I had poured my soul and heart into.

He was 25.

His work ethic was unbelievable. He was relentless, committed, hard working and would always over deliver.

His level of maturity? I was wowed by it.

His resilience was exceptional.


He had it rough since very young. And he kept going.

He had to learn to figure it out since he was 16 and provide for himself.

He nearly became a professional football player but then a leg injury brutally destroyed his career and therefore his dream.

So he had to recover from this devastating event whilst continuing providing for himself to be able to eat, pay his bills.

So because of what he had to go through, Steven developed outstanding resilience and was not the type to be defeated. He just didn’t have the luxury to.

Of course, I am not saying shame on you if you had a cosy life. It means you have been blessed. So take and be thankful and learn resilience by staying committed to yourself, to your happiness.

Resilience happens when you don’t allow any slip, detour discourage you from getting where you want to be.

What keeps you committed through resilience is FAITH.

Faith is what keeps you hopeful in the middle of a crisis, where you are on your knees and your only option is to pray and have faith.


Because you have a certain outlook of life.

Meaning you keep your end goal in mind, keep moving forward in your life whilst enjoying every moment of it.

And you don’t let anything get to you, whether it is crisis or self doubt.


Because you decided.

And it is your resilience and your outlook that keeps you going.

PS: picture taken many moons ago back in 2010 where I had my very first photo-shooting and was exploring how to break free from the conventional professional mould 😛

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Enjoy and I see you on the other side 💖

Your time is now.

Time to choose you over self abandonment and look into the mirror and be ready to upgrade

Lots of love

Happy Manifesting

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