A few weeks ago, I felt like a knife being suddenly planted on my back. It was a vivid sharp pain that made me stop whatever I was doing and made me want to reach out to my back to remove that invisible knife.

And at that moment, I knew.

Psychically that is.

That this sharp pain was the expression of a lot of negativity, jealousy and envy that were thrown my way by some third parties, mostly subconsciously at best.

You see, when you start gaining exposure and your influence keeps growing, whilst your radiance might uplift and inspire many, it might will disturb a few.

But why? … might you wonder

Simply because by stepping into your limitless and amazingly brilliant self, you are a reminder for the few that they are simply not doing it which is of course out of their self limitation and fear or simply due to a weak spiritual core. And that they are somehow missing the boat whilst feeling powerless, limited and angry.

Angry at whom? Well at themselves to start with but then also at the world and then if you happen to expand your wings at that very moment and then do a little salto with your cool wings because you’re having fun and you happen to be in their sight then well boom, at you too!
And as a result, you will become the recipient of a load of crappy energy being sent to you, which can screw up your vibes and hurt you as in create problems for you out of nowhere, delays, and even hurt your confidence.

At the time I was still inebriated by the common beliefs of personal development teachings communicated to the masses that says that you and only you have a say (consciously and subconsciously) in creating your reality, I would have totally dismissed that aspect of manifestation really.

I remember talking to an intuitive friend who made a point that it was important to be aware of negativity/darkness and how it could hurt you if you dismiss from your awareness. Big debate where I refused to take it on board.


Until I had to face that it is not enough to shine and vibrate high :-/

As much as psychic attacks are real, so is the weight of jealousy and envy and how detrimental it can be.

And this is why a lot of you are afraid to step into the light, into your own light, grow and expand.

My answer to that is:
No. You don’t need to hide.
You can expand as much as you want.
Keep shining your light BUT make sure you are protect against these densities of energies.

And this is why I created an extra module in my 50 shades course just for this as it is crucial to boost your manifestation.

Module 7: THE MEDUSA EFFECTIn this module, I will add an extra layer of protection on top of what was covered in Module 2: IT ALL STARTS WITH PROTECTION.I literally saw fire when I was given the intuitive guidance to create this module for you. I will create a protection mechanism that will be so strong that like the medusa effect whatever negativity directed to you will be neutralised: either sent back to the sender with a lesson or will be diffused, however is best as per divine intelligence. I will be also giving a daily meditation to use in your daily rituals.This module has been added as a gift by me to ensure you are completely on your way to designing the life of dreams and make sure that nothing and nobody is stopping you.

If you want to attend this module live, you can still join the course.


In fact this coming Sunday August 30th is Module 6 (which you will be able to attend live if you join)

50 SHADES COURSE is the course where you are going to come out unleashed, healed and on fire aka unstoppable.


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