Whenever I go into deep meditative state, the first thing I do is to connect to the light but also ground myself to Mother Earth.


What does it even mean? What am I talking about?

Well have you ever heard or been told that it is healthy to walk in nature? To even walk barefoot in the grass, to garden even if you could? What about hugging a tree?

Why ? Why is that good to do that?

Well let me give you my take on it.

In my understanding, all of the above is to allow you to connect with one of the Five Elements: Earth.

What are the five elements: air, water, earth, fire and space.

So in order to elevate and gain access to sources of power and strength, then you need to go back to basic and be able to connect with these 5 elements and one of them is grounding.

It is going to help you feel more in touch with your physical reality, be more at ease with your own body, be more what is more commonly know as “down to earth”.

That is very important to make decision, to take action, to “make things happen” for yourself.

Being grounded allows you to feel more centered, to feel in control of your life, to know where you’re going and what you’re doing instead of randomly go through Life with no sense of purpose and belonging.

Grounded allows to feel more connected to your human side also instead of being solely in your spirituel self.

Like everything it is about balance.

I personally work with the various elements from using cleansing fire, to liquid light and sacred water and expand your air space.

Don’t worry, if you are my client, I am not going to literally throw water at you or light a match to purify you lol. But I am going to tap into the energy of these elements to direct them at you, inside you, around you. Very powerful stuff 😎.

So don’t forget to ground yourself daily to make sure you make the most of that powerful Earth element.

Happy Manifesting 😘💋

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