If you suffer from addiction, you are likely to be a very sensitive soul who had to look for an escape to feel a temporary high as the pain you’ve been carrying inside is too much to feel on a constant basis.

Addiction is a gateway to feeling relief for a certain period of time and when the reality kicks back in, then a new urge to numb your pain is pushing you to get a new “refill” so to speak.

You have very likely experienced a traumatic event, or been through abuse at some point of your life or another and there has been a compounded effect of low emotions in your body and in your being.

You might have tried to swap one addiction for another but the pattern hasn’t left you yet.

Addiction doesn’t only mean hard drugs but it can also be alcohol, shopping, television, gaming, food, sex or any activity that you do on overdose and where there is absolutely no balance. And a constant feeling of either emotional distress, or feeling low at all times can be at the premises of some addictive behaviour to calm down the pain and suffering.

Addiction does not know any social status, nor privileges. It can affect anybody.

Now can we heal this?


I see addiction as the tip of the iceberg of such an intense inner turmoil that is happening inside you that nobody close could even grasp.

This inner turmoil and therefore pain and suffering is so vivid that your body is urging you to make it stop and to bring pleasure instead which here in this instance is to be read as to numb the pain. Actually can be pleasure or pain.

And this inner turmoil is the result of various emotional and spiritual “wounds” that need to be addressed.

In addition to that, if you suffer from addiction you might have also anxiety which could be described as severe and expressed through panic attacks and you might have been a sweet spot for what I call energy monsters also called entities that have been feasting from your distress and keeping your negativity alive and kicking.

Again the question how do we end this misery?

The magic word as usual is HEALING my friend.

Not the superficial type but going very deep at the very core of you where nobody has ever been not even you.

Removing the pain that’s been thickening year after year after year.

Do you need to feel bad if you suffer from addiction?

Let me give you a suggestion, instead of seing yourself as flawed or something wrong with you, well yes there is something wrong but it is not necessarily your fault you know nor your own making as these roots can go way way back and you just happened to be the unfortunate recipient.

Now does it mean you need to feel sorry for yourself?

Listen, I know how painful it is and how trapped you might feel. It’s bad. Agreed.

However the amazing part is that you can do something about it and get healing to get out of this abyssal hole.

When I work with my clients I give them support, understanding and powerful healing sessions that take them out of this hole once and for all.

So don’t despair and be courageous to seek help, reach out and invest in yourself for a better, brighter and happier you and therefore life.

Happy Manifesting

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