This month is the month of implementation

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For those who are part of my telegram channel, I stated that this month is the month of implementation.

Owning the part of you that you were hiding or afraid of showing to the world.

Embrace it fully

Upleveling the part of your life where you were still playing small whilst still working on your crap.

Don’t be afraid to take action and do the healing work at the same time.

It is not one first before the other. It is very similar to going on dates whilst working through your love wounds.

You don’t need to have it perfect FIRST to then give yourself permission to do that you want to do.

You can still be in a loving relationship whilst working on your love wounds.

You can still make money whilst working on your money wounds.

You can still enjoy food whilst working out to lose weight and have your dream body

There is no limitation to what you can do despite where you are and what your logical mind is telling you.

Trust your intuitive guidance (I didn’t say inflated ego 🧐) and the rational mind will be his faithful servant.

Ask Einstein 💖

Happy Manifesting

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