Is there actually such a thing? Really?


Talk to me about bottom line, cash flow statement, market share, USP (Unique Selling Proposition), SWOT Analysis! YES!

But Business Blocks? Seriously?

“Do you really think, I mean honestly, do you really believe Sabrina that doing some little Incantation aka meditation and affirmations and talking about mummy and daddy with you will help me reach my cash flow projections I agreed upon with my CFO?

Please! I have no time to waste.

Don’t make me laugh” … might you say or think

Oh sweetie! Let me hug you right there 🥺

You have no idea how much mummy and daddy have left an imprint on you, how much each decision you’ve been taking have been tainted with what you have inherited consciously or subconsciously from your childhood, your background, your past lives, your karma and any soul contracts or vows you’ve made in this current or previous lives or realities.

Ever wondered why some have it easy in life and business for that matter and why some despite all the efforts and inner work still tend to go back to square one every single time (groundhog day forever my love) ?


Yes mindset totally


Let me ask you this ?

What is supporting this mindset? What created this in the first place?

Why 2 different people with the same situation have a different outcome to start with?

Yes different headstart and skills and energy bank accounts.

Are you doomed?

God no!

But once you accept it then you can finally do the healing work and move forward with your life.

So what are these business blocks?

It’s everything and anything that make your life a living hell

It’s why the product launch was a fiasco despite all preparation

It’s when you make the wrong choice in your business, time after time

It’s why you get the wrong team members despite all the cool cvs you thoroughly scrutinised.

It’s making financially costly mistakes

It’s drama coming one after the other no matter how dedicated you are


There is a way out

And the way out is HEALING!

And yes it will include talking about mummy and daddy at times. But in fact there won’t be too much talking.

I will act as a surgeon, dive into your soul and I will be removing the darkness, the crap, the disgusting black glue that is keeping you paralysed and unable to enjoy this life how you are meant to and will allow you expand your business in such a way that your customers and other stakeholders will see you as a blessing in their lives.

Why ?

Because this is who you will be for real!

A pure blessing and enchanting light for yourself and for others

BUSINESS QUANTUM TRANSFORMATION is a 6week, 3month or 6 months programme to help your business and you reach your highest potential by experiencing a deep quantum transformational healing experience

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