What does a magical intuitive manifestation coach do?

So someone just asked me what does a magical intuitive manifestation coach do 🤓🧐

So here is the answer I gave and I thought I would share it with you in case you haven’t manage to put it into words yet 😁😬😘

So as a magical intuitive manifestation coach, I work with energy and frequencies and by tapping into my intuition to remove the blocks and Trauma that is creating resistance to magnetising to my client whatever they desire.

It is shamanic work and I basically create magic in my clients’ life by helping getting what they want.

Often times people will feel like in Groundhog Day and they can’t get out of a debilitating pattern. I spot the root and heal the cause of it. Their life then upgrades, they are freed from it, and it’s a whole new world for them.

💖 Hope it helps and it is now crystal clear 😉 😘

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