Do you get agitated and relentless or do you just sink into your body and just dive into the ocean of your deepest emotions.

A lot of you are terrified to stay still and go within


Because at a subconscious level, you already know that there is some savage turmoil going on there and you are afraid to connect with it because you have no idea how this will unravel and you might lose control

This is a possibility an this is why it is important to get support before you dive because the mess inside you is real and has no mercy

What you want to do is acknowledge where you are right now and be honest with yourself

I noticed that very few people swim in honesty and in truth. Is that you? Do you keep yourself busy not to feel?

Is feeling a waste of time for you?

What if I tell this is how you bring balance to your being, and this is how you let your soul speak to you?

I recently connected with one of the sales people of a let say traditionally orientated male business coach.

And I got curious to how this leader is actually truly feeling inside beyond the glitter and the external signs of gigantic success.

I picked up an acute feeling of anxiety at the core of his solar plexus that he has managed to get under control.

But I could sense he is not sleeping well at night and he doesn’t feel very peaceful inside.

I could tell he had done loads of inner work hence the under control vibe I got.

And then I heard success comes with a price.

I was a little surprised as I am all about abundance and unlimited success.

And then I understood there is also how you define success

So I pondered over it and I believe ultimately we want what we want and we have to go for what feels most appealing and aligned to us.

If you want hard core focus money and fame, I am not the right healer for you

As my approach is very holistic and encompasses all the parts of you

To create sustainable balance and abundance

I go to the root every single time so I will pick up on all the inconsistencies in your energies and will work on it

This is not a walk in the park but results will be mind blowing

Your inner world will be reset forever and you will start reaping the rewards in your outer world quicker than before

So now let’s go back to that do nothing concept.

I challenge you for the next 7 days to take 15min daily and do nothing.

Let me know how easy or not easy this is for you and comment below if you are going to take part of this dare 🧐

When you come into my mastermind, we will go on a way way way deeper explorative journey and your life will never be the same

5 Months – 5 Phases

Here are the results you can expect throughout the 5 Phases

Phase 1 – By the end of this phase, you will start feeling the heaviness gone and the sense of pressure being transmuted into higher and more supportive energies. You will start seeing some major shifts in your life already.

Phase 2 – By the end of this phase, we will have undone all the debilitating patterns that kept you in a loop in the past. You will be seeing new doors opening for you and new opportunities will start opening up for you

Phase 3 – By the end of this phase, you will experience your life being reshaped entirely and have very healthy and solid foundations

Phase 4 – By the end of this phase, you will have know how to command your energy to bend your reality at will and manifest whatever you desire at will whilst experiencing flow and ease.

Phase 5 – By the end of this phase, you will be experiencing the life you wanted to manifest based on solid foundations and with the ability to cope with any new unexpected situation with your own personal formula.

This is the time for you to heal, upgrade and grow

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DM me if you have any question

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