What Is Energy Clearing/Healing

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Emotions = Energy In Motion

Our lives run through our emotions and emotions have a wide range of frequencies, meaning various level of energies. My mentor and energy coach Christie Marie Sheldon talks about our emotions being energy in motion.

Whatever  we experience in terms of feelings has an energy attached to it, which can be measured in terms of
frequencies. For those who have studied energy, personal development or spirituality, you are aware that all our emotions can be ranked and scaled according to their vibrations and frequencies. On the lower end of the scale, you have the lower range of emotions like anger, guilt, shame, unhappy, ungrateful whilst the higher range of vibrations are grateful, love, joy, happy. Depending upon your emotions, you will be in the higher range of frequencies or the lower range. So this is why it is important to become aware of how we feel throughout the day because the way  we feel is going to impact and influence our experience of our reality and is going to impact events as well. As whatever we vibrate, we are going to attract energetically to us. What we give out, we get back.
Therefore, it is recommended not to stay too long in a low vibration emotion because at that moment when we are feeling that negative emotion, we are basically asking energetically for the same to come back to us. This is the law of attraction 101 as in whatever we vibrate, we receive it back. When we raise our vibrations and live in a high frequency reality, we are then attracting to us the same high frequencies in the form of events, people, emotions.

Now let’s say that at some point in our lives, we experience a trauma, an event, which triggers some negative emotions inside us: we get yelled at or something even worse than that: we experience a loss or something that is very detrimental to us.  What happened next is that we are going to experience these emotions and the energy of these emotions is going to get stuck in our energetic field. If we don’t process it and clear it, it is going to affect us further down the life such as self sabotage. Because we have been carrying it with us, it is going to attract negative events despite our actions and good intent. Because if he have a lot of this baggage that we don’t clean and clear whether it is conscious or not, whether we are aware of it or not, if we carry that big baggage of negativity with us in our being, then there are going to be a lot of negative events and negative people that we are going to attract. And then we will wonder: why is that happening to me? But the reality is: there has been this negativity already stuck with you but we didn’t know. Or may be we do know but we do not know how to clear it. So we might dwell on that negative emotion consciously or we might have picked it up from somebody else and it is in our subconscious but also in our body cells. Why body cells? As cells have memory of trauma and somehow these traumas got imprinted in our body.

Where does it all come from?

  1. It can come from an event that created that stress
    • From chilhood, from our parents or environment
    • Sometimes it can also be transferred from generation to generation and this is something we have been carrying without even knowing it
    • Sometimes it can also been karmic, from a past life

What do we do then?

This is why clearing that negativity is important and all of these energies that have been carrying it. It means removing all of these vibrations from your energy and body. As if not treated, it can also create aches and diseases in our bodies.

It is done through:
  • spiritual work by connecting to source
  • strong intentions
  • affirmations

You can work with an energy healer or doing it yourself once you know how to do it. I am doing it with my clients and I can tell you this is very powerful.  It is done by stages. Why? Because sometimes when you work on healing a block or trauma, resistance or whatever has been buried will come up as if you are being shown what to clear so that you can deal with it. So it is like you are being shown what to heal and clear, remove and let go of. It might seem a little disheartening and discouraging initially BUT if you understand what is happening and if you keep doing the work, you will feel and see a huge difference in the way you feel and what is happening in your environment. It is very important because you can decide you want a different life but if you don’t deal with the root of where the block started and you don’t clear and clean it up, the job will not be done properly and the same pattern will come back. So that’s why it is almost vital to do it in a very thorough and deep manner so that heavy that has been stuck with you for a while can be completely cleared.


In conclusion, become aware of how you feel and take action accordingly. 
Watch the live I did on it below
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