What Is Manifestation?

What is manifestation?

What does it really mean when someone says I am going to manifest a job, one million dollars, a relationship or a house?
Manifesting means bringing our desires from the intangible to the physical reality. It is taking something that is not there yet and is in our mind, in our imagination and bringing it to our physical world.
If creation is a word that can be used for source energy, we, as human being,  are not creators but are rather manifestors, meaning we can manifest what we desire from the intangible to the physical reality thanks to a combination of various factors.

What are the steps to manifest what we deeply desire?

There are some sort of “rules” to follow and if you don’t follow them, you might get lost along the way or things will not be happening the way you like them to happen. It can be translated into delays for you to manifest what you desire. You might have wanted it for a long time but it hasn’t happened yet. And it is because one of these steps has not been followed and respected. And this is why it is very important to understand what is behind the word manifestation.

Step 1 – Raise Your Energy & Have Rituals in place

Everything is energy. So as soon as you want to manifest and attract what you desire, it is about vibrating a certain frequency so that you vibrate at the same level of what you want to attract and therefore it comes to you in a physical manner. So the way to do it is to raise your vibrations and therefore raise your energy.
How do we raise our energy?
This is why it is important to have rituals in place to raise our energy. So that every single day we are actually doing this exercise mornings and evenings to make sure that our vibes and energy are pure, clean and at a high frequency. So that is why people talk about rituals. It is about that spiritual work that is important to do. That can be part of a morning routine.
Some people have various steps in their routines: morning routine, evening routine. They have something for their mind, for their soul and for their body so that are in the right state to experience a very fulfilling and productive day. You can also add some physical activity to your routine of course.
Energy is therefore very important to maintain, to clean and to shift on a high level every single day.
You can use meditation, praying, in essence whatever is going to allow you feeling in the flow and what I like to call “tap into divine intelligence” and therefore raise your consciousness. As soon as you do that, you are going to heighten your energy level and have higher vibes.

Step 2 – Energy Clearing

Whenever we want to manifest something, something we are being blocked or held by so called “limited beliefs” as referred to in the personal development industry. It happens when on the one hand you want something and on the other hand, something is holding you back. It is belief, a trauma, something that you carry with you knowingly or unknowingly that stays around your energy level. As a result when you heighten your vibes, this other stuff drags you down and this is why it is important to clear your energy. Whenever you hit a bump, it is important to do energy clearing.

How do you do that?

  1. You can energy clearing statements => which is my preferred method
  2. You can do healing
  3. You can do tapping (EFT)
  4. Hypnotherapy
=> whatever is going to help you move forward and clear your energy from any low vibe elements in your aura. As this is when you will then thrive.
As all of these blocks are showing up (self worth issues, fears, self doubt) and everything you want to make progress, it is dragging you down when you set your intention to manifestation. And this is why frustration happens, and you go round and round in circles and it doesn’t yield any result because you have these 2 different frequencies that you are vibrating at the same time: what you desire (high vibrations) and the underlying resistance (low frequency of the emotion/energy) that is also called crossed purpose or inner conflict. An example is someone who wants to lose weight: they say they want to be fitter and thinner and yet they are struggling with their diet as they cannot resist temptation. Consciously they make the decision to lose weight, however there is something in their subconscious, on a belief level, in their energy that is telling them something else. This is why it is important to clear and clean all of this so that whenever you are raising your vibrations, it is not stopped. Once you raise your energy and you clear the negative stuff, logically you are meant to thrive.

But Is That Enough?

Yes and No.
Yes because you are going to attract new opportunities, you are going to meet amazing people, you are going to be a walking sunshine. At the same time, it is about also follow your guidance in order to take some inspired and guided action.

Step 3 – Take Diving Guidance

How do we take divine guidance? Well there are different ways:
  1. It is about following your intuition.
  2. It is about making sure you channel through journaling and writing, whatever you are guided towards. It may be a dream that is going to tell you which direction to take. Or you are going to feel or hear something and you are going to write it down. Or you are going to have a vision.
  3. => all of this is actually divine guidance. When you know how to acknowledge it, then you are going to be more confident in what you do in your life and you are going to be more self assured. You will be then be able to implement in a smoother manner. Praying is also getting divine guidance as you communicate with divine source energy. So is meditating.

Step 4 – Take inspired action

Once you reach the stage where you receive guidance, then you can take inspired action by following up and implementing.  As it is not about fantasizing, putting your energy out there and stop there. it is about following up on whatever guidance you’ve been given and implementing it, that is to stay take action. That part is actually extremely important too. So it is not because we are talking about the spiritual aspect that the physical action does not matter. In fact, it does matter. The point is that a lot of people, 90% of the population, are going to focus on just taking action and will completely be disconnected from the spiritual side.
So what manifesting is about is using our access and connection to divine source energy so that the journey is very smooth, easy and whatever we desire, we are going to attract because we are following these steps.
The majority of people tend to focus on the doing only and they end up exhausted, burned out, drained and that nothing is yielding any result and life is unfair. Why? It is because they are not following their inner guidance and are not connecting to themselves. And why? they don’t know how to tap into their spiritual intelligence. And this is why by doing the spiritual work first by raising your spiritual quotient through clearing your energy, meditating and whatever tools you can use to raise your vibrations, so whenever you take action, you will manifest your desires in a very smooth and quick manner.

So this is what manifestation is, which is bringing from the intangible to the tangible by following some steps and tapping into your spiritual intelligence by connecting to source energy which is divine intelligence. When you have that connection, then sky is the limit because then everything is flowing.

Hope it all made sense! If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask and I will happy to reply to you.

Watch the live I did on it below


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