In my course Limitless You, I talk about the importance of being aware of your “home” frequency. 

What I mean by that is that we all have a default state we go back to no matter what’s happening around us.

It can be one of the high vibes or the low vibe ones.

Let me tell you this.

If you have a tendency to get annoyed, angered and triggered easily, then anything will set you off whether it is Covid or someone taking your parking space in front of your nose instead of looking of telling yourself well time to unwind and spend more time with family and may be that parking space was not meant to be and a better one is waiting for you

If you live in a fear and anxiety default vibe, then hearing of a plane crash will make you fear for your life instead of focusing on being thankful and grateful that all of your trips were always safe

If you have set camp in the scarcity and never enough land, then no matter how much money you make, you will always feel unworthy, not enough and small as it is not as much as a. what you intended to make or b. as much as this other person made

If you live in gratitude and celebration of life, then you are always looking for what’s comforting and good instead of what’s make you feel crappy about yourself.

It doesn’t mean however you don’t deal with reality.

It just means you chose to find solace in a place that feels good by looking for signs that validate this feeling.

For a long time, I needed to know that I had all my ducks in a row before allowing to feel good about myself.

Feeling good just because felt like cheating, or not being real.

What I misunderstood what that it is not because you decide to feel good and happy that you don’t deal with your crap any more and you just play ostrich … Well I kind of made that confusion back then and really I would be terrible with myself as I didn’t honour myself at all feeling too unworthy to do so.

So my home vibration was not enoughness and putting myself down for any reason I could find

That was my home for many years.

Until I did the healing work.

Until I dealt with all the wounds that were weighing me down in all possible ways.

Your home vibration is a very good indication of what you need to address in order for you to go to the next level, to upgrade if you will.

And again don’t get confused with having a home vibration of bliss and happiness and take action to manifest what you desire.

There is actually a high correlation for who live in a home vibration that is about fun, joy and light with how quick their manifestation comes to fruition when they take inspired action.

So tell me what is home vibration? And what are you going to do about it?

Happy Manifesting!

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