This is THE question that holds back most of you from being your true self, from expanding, from being successful and from being just simply plainly happy.

How come?

Simply because most of you haven’t really come to terms with the fact that you need to drop your need for approval and need for belonging in order to get to your next phase of growth and expansion.

A client of mine was feeling upset the other day because she felt “people” don’t take what she does in her business seriously meaning they don’t believe it works. And therefore kind of retreated inside.

Is this your case?

If it is, then know that the reason you pay attention to what “people” say that what you do is worthless is because YOU believe your work has no value, and that you don’t bring anything to the table.

You have been in a place of self doubt for so long that these people are not only triggering you but are defining you.

If you operate from a place of self worth, self belief and self confidence, do you really think you would pay attention to this “noise”?

Whatever is triggering you is showing that there is something that got challenged in you that you haven’t completely addressed and healed yet.

So instead of worrying of what people say, then go and heal these parts of you that do not feel worthy and are in big self doubt and need validation to be able to sustain.

Additionally get amazing support in your journey, people who will believe in you and help you overcome the hurdles that growth and healing entail.

And soon enough, you will soon manifest as a result a cohort of big raving fans and the “people” you were so concerned about will just fade away..

Well, you will perceive them for what they are … some remote background noise that will no longer catch your attention 😉

Happy Manifesting!

PS: in the video, me living the thug life lol … might have finally grasped what this spiritual gangster phrase is about 😉

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