Have just named a project I am going to outsource “The Elves Quarter” lol 

Sounds more fun than the standard boring Back Office Operations, don’t you think? 🤓👩‍💻🧜‍♀️

I did take part in a training this morning where we were asked to just spell out who we really are without the need to squeeze any part of us through any supposedly norm-accepted marketing style. 

The question was very very insightful and was the following “Is there a part of you that is actually your most magnetic, which you’ve kind of tucked away and made ‘not okay’ relevant to business?” And I love love this question. 


Because for a long time I felt I had to cut parts of myself not to be too much. Because it would make me too much of an outlier among my peers, let alone family and co-workers. 

I had a passion for esoteric and intuition that I did hide for a very long time.

At the same I was equally attracted to the world of business and financial investments. 

And I felt I had to hide one aspect of my life to the other. 

Talk about split personalities lol 

And even when I started to work on my project of investment fund a few years ago, having coined the term Spiritual Impact Investments and BSQ as in Business Spiritual Quotient, I felt I had to use the traditional fund raising methodology.

Talked to some sacro-saints establishments to get some super impressive names on my list of investors and somehow in the meetings I was initiating I was facing resistance that was purely a reflection of my own. 

Whether it was one of the managing directors of Carlyle or one the representatives of the London Business School who had connections with some well established private equity firms, I was trying to get their acceptance and approval first in order to give myself my own approval. 

I used to believe I “needed” the “traditional” way of doing business and their connections to get where I wanted to be to create this empire I was dreaming of. 

And yet they were showing some sort of admiration for the boldness of my innocence and creative mind lol. Seriously! I could see it in their eyes. 

But I didn’t really “get” it at the time because I was not fully connected to myself and therefore I didn’t have enough self belief to just joyfully and happily carry away with my magical dust 

So this is how it works 

  • First, when you are connected and you follow inner guidance, you don’t need others to validate or approve of you because this is you approving of yourself just by tuning into yourself and getting your creative juice flowing
  • Second, if you want to bring something innovative and new to this world which came ouf you being totally aligned in your creative flow, you will be by essence a “market disruptor”. So why on earth are you going to  seek validation, approval from those who actually are scared to rock the boat. Because you are literally going against their MO. Solution is: when you are meant be a leader, don’t act like a follower. Why? Because you are not one. 

I see many and many and many (should I add one more many? ) of my clients being in this conundrum. 

I have clients who want to win Nobel Prizes, be the next Elon Musk, or Warren Buffet or Ray Dalio (well he at least has embraced transcendental meditation and has been raving about it ever since). And yet these same clients are mostly suffering from approval seeking syndrome and need for validation. And are scared to break through the status quo.

This split personality behavioural pattern is what is keeping them stuck.

And  obviously when I work with them through my magical psychic surgery and energy alchemy, we take it to a whole new level and they break free from the chains of self limitation. It is beautiful and magical to witness.  

And this is when they finally embrace the various parts of themselves and make it an asset instead of a disadvantage or even worse a flaw! 

So my beloved Magnificent Abundance Manifestors, what would be your answer if I were to ask you the question I was asked today? 

“Is there a part of you that is actually your most magnetic, which you’ve kind of tucked away and made ‘not okay’ relevant to business?

Oh and would you like to know what was my answer?

Here it is “The mix of me between the psychic and healing side, investment banking background, belly dancer , pole dancing, salsa, Bachata and tango dancer being French with Indian and Chinese background who also speaks German on top of French and English and learned some Spanish and Arabic and grew up on a French tropical island called Reunion nobody heard of. Have been living apart from my family since I’m 19. And always set the intention to build an empire and do something big, powerful, of impact and fun which will sustain my dream lifestyle.” Pfew here I said it. 

And am now fully embracing it 🙂 

How about you?

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