There is not only one reason but a myriad of small reasons why life can feel like a burden and no matter what you are trying to do and achieve, you are brought back to square one over and over again.
Until you get tired.
Tired of trying
And even tired of believing
And after that comes hopelessness and powerlessness
Because you have tried it all
And yet
Results don’t show up
It’s not lack of good faith
It’s not lack of doing what it takes
What this is is actually WOUNDED ENERGY
And when you have wounded energy, your perception of the world is skewed, the actions you take don’t materialise and even worse, drama reigns in your world and chaos is king.
When Lea (name changed for privacy purposes) came to see me, it was because she couldn’t get rid of a very stubborn lower back ache and also a feeling of being trapped in her own life.
As I tuned into her energy, I saw some heavy energies that were putting pressure on her back, a lot of male dominating energies around her that were dictating her day to day life and a very damaged sense of self worth.
We went very deep into her psyche and soul and uprooted all the parts of her that had been disrespected, repressed and suppressed. Some unpleasant memories came up, and as she realised that her very smothering upbringing made her feel powerless around her own decision making abilities and that somehow the standards for herself were put very low as a results.
We worked on her sense of self and removed all the clutter that had been burdening her and made her feel unable to create her own life.
We also worked on her heart and healed the various wounds that were wide opened left by many years of self neglect and humiliation.
Today, Lea is experiencing a life of pure freedom, has left an unhealthy marriage, has creasting a new stream of income with a new business doing what she loves the most and being herself with no restrictions, and is excited about the various possibilities that are unfolding for her.
By dissecting the various parts of her soul and energies that were wounded, her life turned around completely.
It required expertise in order to go deep and heal parts that are quite complex to get to.
Not everybody can go that deep and create the quantum shift that you desire.
If you want to turn around your life and you have tried it all and progress has been sparse, you can do it now.
DM me and type “Quantum”.

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