The path to wholeness used to always intrigue me as it always felt out of reach even though I would understand it intellectually.

The reason is because there was a missing piece I refused to implement.

And it was feeling my emotions.


All of them.

Even the yucky ones.


I didn’t want to.

In fact, I used to be very avoidant of my emotions and ultimately of myself.

And what I didn’t understand or realised at the time was that this was that very piece of the jigsaw that was keeping away the abundance, the love, the happily ever after I so desired.

I was willing to face truth when it applied to facts but I was terrified of facing the truth of my emotions.

However our emotions are part of who we are.

So denying ourselves feeling our emotions is purely denying ourselves of being.

And the reason we get so scared of feeling our emotions is because we subconsciously are scared of who we might turn into the moment we touch what has been suppressed and repressed for a long time, sometimes decades.

So we try to distract ourselves through various means, hoping whatever we don’t want to feel goes away…. if we distract ourselves hard enough or long enough.

But it never does.

It gets buried and it festers.

You can’t never outsource feeling your emotions.

Even if you get a therapist, a coach or a healer to support you.

They will not feel for you.

If you are my client, I will not feel for you. I might feel with you yes.

You still need to feel your own emotions which then allows you in return to connect deeply with yourself in a way that is sacred and gives you that inner strength and inner knowing.

The moment I started to feel my emotions deeply, it felt like an earthquake, in fact many earthquakes. I didn’t realise how much was hidden, buried, put aside for various reasons and one of them is out of survival need.

It can feel very scary and foreign at first but it is a necessity if you want to heal deeply.

So I am inviting you today to pause whatever you are doing and start feeling.

Put your hands in your heart, tune into your heart, close your eyes and let the emotions come up. Let them run through your body.

Sometimes they will have a message for you, sometimes they were just waiting for you to feel them before they could dissolve allowing more peace and quiet to come in.

Enjoy the practise and

Happy Manifesting! 💖💋

PS: Cosy weekend it is.

How is your weekend going? 💖😘💋

PPS: You can start your journey now and
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