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Less than a month ago, I decided I wanted to have exposure to 1 million people.

Shortly after, I was then guided to create some GIFs and sure enough less than a month after I checked my dashboard and got 1 million views. Wooohooo!!

Path of least resistance much πŸ™‚?

How did I make this happen?

Well firstly it didn’t feel like a big deal based on what I decided to put in front my eyes and my brain => so step 1: Belief It Is Totally Possible For ME

And … That’s pretty much it…

Just kidding lol


All the emotions that might come up that are telling you this is not true needs to be addressed from their deep rooted origins and that is ultimately around your self worth and the ability to believe it is possible for yourself.

No matter what the wish or desire is.

If you already it is a big deal you are creating a gap between you and what you desire.

What narrows the gap is the belief in yourself and ultimately your self worth that needs to be healed from various wounds that can be childhood related and other realms.

And this is where I can help you which in turns will allow you to reach your wildest dreams.

Wilder dreams that soon will no longer feel that wild any more but more like a no brainer as your energy will be so heightened that the anything is possible will be the air you breathe or what you eat for breakfast πŸ˜‰

It is about healing those deep seated insecurities that are rooted in so many parts of you that only a gifted healer aka me 😁😎 will be able to identify and retrieve and heal.

You know, all the parts of your soul, heart and mind that got split, dissociated and sent all over the place due to the various trauma experienced or passed on to you throughout all times, spaces, dimensions and realities as well as family lineage.

Personally I hesitated before sharing these GIfs stats as there was some remaining of some old fears that whoever out there will be mad at me if I do lol.

Obviously I worked through them and decided that it would be more inspiring than anything else by commanding my energy and healing whatever was at the root of this belief.

If you take your desires seriously and ultimately yourself, then you know it is about healing all the parts of you that are wounded and need to be addressed.

To open the gateway to unlimited wealth: health, money, romantic love, business, family cohesion

This is why I created the Quantum Transformation Year Unlimited

No pandemic, financial crisis or whatever outburst in the world will stop YOU from getting what you deeply desire for yourself.

Make the decision once and for all and make it happen for yourself.

You are the one who decides.

Happy Manifesting 😘

PS: seems like GIFs users tend to be late and love to give kisses lol

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